There is no inverter board. There is no windows sound or anything from the speakers. Make sure to find one with the inverter installed. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Maybe the cable makes bad connection with the motherboard. Engineered for performance, endurance, and reliability.

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I can help you get the correct part and look for the best option for you. Most likely this connection located somewhere under the keyboard. I was so happy that things were dell xps m1530 monitor after being out of commission for a while, that I allowed updates to dell xps m1530 monitor computer software updates then xpe shut down.

Reconnect cable on the motherboard. Thermal damage to the screen may indicate a problem with the mainboard – or damage to the cable, so be sure you changed the cable with the screen. Is it the LCD monktor the inverter? Did anyone resolve this issue. The screen came with its own inverter.

There is no inverter board.

When you say “all the sounds the laptop itself makes on start up”, do you hear windows starting up? When you replace a screen on a Dell laptop I would recommend to buy a new one with the inverter board. I performed a test of the LCD panel by holding the D button when booting up the computer it flashes some color dell xps m1530 monitor supposedly from a chip on the panel and did not notice any m15330 with the omnitor although it did not display a white dell xps m1530 monitor black screen Thanks for all your help and the great guides.

Does it make any particular sound, dell xps m1530 monitor three short beeps, or anything that would represent a pattern? I have a dell xps del and the screen went dark one day and im looking for which part to fix it.

I understand your point that video chip is not an m130, but the cable can play a big role to determine if its the Video chip or LCD causes the issue. Hello, Firstly I would like to thank you for this fantastic manual. I replaced the inverter using your guide and it appears to have fixed the issue.

If so, which ones and in what order dell xps m1530 monitor it starts up and stays still for a few seconds? The generic part for the cable is ND.

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I believe it is just the backlight. I mean, could dell xps m1530 monitor whole thing catch fire? My XPS screen is flickering different levels of brightness, and on side of the screen the right is darker in brightness than the rest of the screen. Checked the display by connecting xs external monitor. I would try re-seating the memory modules first. No, the LED screen connected directly to the motherboard.

It DID work… what do I need to do???

Screen for Dell XPS M Replacement Laptop LCD Screen

Can you find a voltmeter and test the adapter? Do you think its the lcd or the inverter?

It looks like you replaced the video cable and LCD screen but still get same problem. Ok, last question and I will throw out a few options.

I have 1x2GB and 1×1 GB memory modules.

How to replace screen on Dell XPS M1530

Are you sure the external video works properly? In this case, we would like you to kindly let us know how we could improve our service to better serve you. Do you see anything on the screen dell xps m1530 monitor any point when you press the power button? Do Monitoor need to replace anything else at the same time? Dell screens often sold with inverters.

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