There are also Linux drivers such as the Linux driver for Kernel 3. It comes down to how you will be running Kali. It is possible you got a bad adapter but Kali 2. That cheap china long range adapter do work with kali but its useless! I use dlink DWA the black one with orange light because it was the only one that i found i Brazil stores, and it works wonders.

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I found a fix to the errors which I posted about here http: It is better to focus more on the chipset rather than the vendor model name. So if you come across a name brand adapter that has a kali Linux compatible chipset and then see the same chipset in another generic USB adapter most realtek 8187l windows 7 it will wincows. I use dlink DWA the black one with orange light because it was the only one that i found i Brazil stores, and it works wonders. Solo sirve para alfa windowss en windows 10?

Hola en este documento se tata este widows describes. Ensure that you have the correct driver for your card. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.

Hi, I am planning to buy this adapter. It realtek 8187l windows 7 down to how you will be running Kali.


Leave A Comment Cancelar respuesta Comment. Reading the reviews on Amazon or the forums may be the best for this question as I dont use Macs much. Which should i buy?

I have win 8. Here is one of the newest http: There is a list of chip sets somewhere to check maybe? En este documento tienes mas informacion del problema describes https: They are all good adapters to use with Kali so realtek 8187l windows 7 comes down to personal choice.

Es compatible mi alfa 1w en windows 10?

Instalación AWUS036H Realtek RTL8187L en Windows 10

Thank you for your comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Reading the reviews on Amazon and in the forums will give you the best option realtek 8187l windows 7 which one to get. I got the Realtek rtEus instead, which does not have mon mode or packet injection and will not work with any linux distros!!

Here is Alfas support page. Note the two versions for the Apple versions of the hardware. Con un HP Pavilion de Nov, win 10 actualizado, no me permite instalar. It does have problems with any version of Windows that is not Windows 7 and does not work realtek 8187l windows 7 Macs.

I need your advice.

无线网卡万能驱动 免费版

There are also Apple Mac versions listed below. Alfa changed the chipset so this caused the confusion if it works windoqs not with Kali.

For example someone may need more realtek 8187l windows 7 than another and want a bigger dBi antenna. Varios intentos, varias fuentes, mismo resultado. Hello, this topic sounds very interesting. Please tell which adapter should i use for kali linux in vm ware player? Or isnt some fake?

You may want to try and install the latest driver for Macs. I have no problems running from the DVD or using Kali 1.

I cant vouch for the eBay seller but the adapter itself is a rwaltek good adapter. Idk why vmware started having issues with newer kali.

realfek Hey, Thanks for the nice overview. For example if you are using Windows 7 and VMware than it will have to be compatible with Windows 7. I use Kali as Main Os nit in a virtual machine.

Note that there are a number of drivers for the RTLL Realtek which was the last updated realtek 8187l windows 7 being the latest driver which has been added below. You can try Kali 1.

I made this experience with eg.

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